Fun at Boston City Hall

My adventure to Boston City Hall to find some public records began like most trips around Boston, by being stuck on the Green Line. We had to have been stopped at Boylston for a good 15 minutes.

Finally, I arrived at City Hall around three, a half-hour later than I thought I would get there. Thankfully, I already had some experience navigating the complex back when I had to pay a parking ticket, though I think I may be a sap for paying it.

My first stop was the assessing office to look up my apartment’s property value. I was struggling a little bit to find my property because it was not popping up in the online system. That was when Faye Yee behind the counter was able to assist me, and it turned out it was registered in the system with the adjoining property next door under that house’s number.

My building is owned by Jason Savage, of Savage Properties, and in 2012 it had a building value of $762,700 and the assessed value was $933,000. My story idea would be to look into Savage Properties and see how many properties they own and what share of the student housing market they have. The next stop was the tax service window, which was a little more natural for me because I had paid my ticket at a window that was similar a year ago. There I was assisted by Meredith Weenick, who gave me the tax receipt for the building. Last November Savage paid $7,844.66 in taxes for the property and for 2013 the estimated first tax payment was $3,922.33.

My last stop was the voting office, which if I had to pick was the most intimidating. It was a wide-open room and a woman, who kind of resembled a Rottweiler of sorts, was sitting at a small table when I walked in. Originally, wanted to look up my good friend’s sister’s voting record who lives in Cambridge, but she did not have a voting record. So it turned out the woman at the table did not have the personality of a Rottweiler and she already had the Mayor Menino’s voting record printed out and gave me a copy. And sure enough before I felt like I was just getting started at City Hall I had finished my inquiry after a half-hour, and then it was back on the Green Line for a long ride home.


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